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Brad Smith
Belmont, Massachusetts, United States
Second Shift
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Northgate High School - Walnut Creek CA (1992 - 1996)
University of California - Santa Cruz - Santa Cruz CA (1996 - 2000)
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#!/bin/bash, #!/bin/sh, acting, audio adventures, bab5, babylon 5, black adder, boondocks, britcom, bryan lee o'malley, card captor sakura, comics, curries, david mack, decoder ring theatre, doctor who, dork tower, eddie izzard, family guy, firefly, flogging molly, fry and laurie, futurama, geekiness, geeks, gilbert and sullivan, graham norton, green wing, harry potter, jason webley, les miserables, linux, liz nickrenz, mark heap, miyazaki, monty python, mst3k, musicals, national public radio, npr, opera, peace, perl, php, powerpuff girls, programming, punk music, punk rock, puzzle fighters, python, reading bathroom-wall messages, red dwarf, reduced shakespeare company, science fiction, second shift, shakespeare, shoujo anime, show tunes, simon pegg, simpsons, singing, sondheim, soul calibur, spaced, star wars, suzanne vega, teaching, the onion, theatre, they might be giants, this american life, transmetropolitan, trigun, vegetarianism, web development, weezer
(if you're on OK Cupid, I've created a much longer and more up-to-date personal info summary there).

What kind of info do you put in a bio that's possibly for total strangers? If I was to pidgeonhole myself into some particular category of netizen then "Linux Geek" would probably be it. That, or "people who hate words like 'netizen'". It's sort of a toss-up.

I work as a technical trainer for Red Hat, which basically means that I fly around the US teaching Linux system adminstration classes. This has me on the road much more often than I am at home. That, plus the fact that over the last five years "home" has included Santa Cruz, San Francisco, North Carolina, New Zealand, San Diego, Tampa, San Deigo (again) and now Boston was what first inspired me to get a Livejournal. We recently moved from the Mission Beach neighborhood of San Diego, where we lived across the street from the Pacific Ocean, to Somerville, MA where I carry a snow shovel in the back of my car. It's been an interesting... adjustment.

I do production and voice-acting on an original audio drama called Second Shift, which has been enjoying some popularity lately and has been a really amazing project.

For fun I code (mostly Python lately), read (trying but failing to do more non-fiction than sci-fi), and listen to music (too many genres to list).
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