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Bostonish folks! This Saturday at MIT from 3:15 to 4:45 I'm going to be at the Boston Festival of Indie Games ( doing a brand new "Noisy Interactive Fiction" event, where do voice acting and SFX as the audience collaboratively plays through a text adventure. Every time I've done this before, the game has been Lost Pig, which is a light-hearted comedy. This time around I'm doing Coloratura, a very atmospheric, creepy horror game. I'm trying a lot of new stuff, like real-time voice effects, and it's either going to be really awesome or I'm going to look really stupid. Come see which!
I would totally chip in to have these guys play accompaniment at a gaming party. Just sayin'.
The Feynman Lectures on Physics are now available for free online. While I'm not familiar with them aside from having heard "Six Easy Pieces" ages ago, my understanding is that they're considered some of the best lay introductions to the subject, delivered by one of its foremost experts at the time.

I only wish they had the audio up, because the fact that one of the most brilliant minds of the 20th century talked like the movie version of a New York cab driver amuses me to no end.
In the mid-1970s, the father of an ex of mine worked at a car stereo place called Eric The Red's. Around that time, they hired an unknown actor to record some ads for them. I assume they gave him a script, and that he talked them out of using it, because one way or another it sounds like they ended up just pressing Record and letting him go. The result is the earliest recording of Robin Williams that I know of, a full two years before his first role listed on IMDB.
18th-Aug-2014 05:06 pm - LonCon. Done.
Holy... Wow. So, we've done our show. At WorldCon. In London. We estimate about a thousand people in the audience(!!!), and from what I've gathered... they loved it.

I can't really describe how I'm feeling right now. We've worked so hard on this show, for so long, and now... it's done. The more the adrenaline wears off, the more I want to cry. Not tears of joy, exactly. Definitely not tears of sadness. Just... relief. Melting, quivering relief. I've strutted and fretted this moment, upon this stage, for so long, been heard by a an amazing audience, and now... I am no more. In a good way.

Yeah, it's bittersweet, but mostly sweet. I came here to do one show, ended up involved in FIVE to varying degrees (more on those later), met some lovely people (ditto-- though fun fact: I was just interrupted writing this post by a guy from Israel telling me how much he loved the show), and... basically, this whole experience has been amazing. So much went into it, and it was all worthwhile.


Plus (...technically) I can now say I've performed Shakespeare in London! :)

Thanks to everyone who helped us "beta" the show, or otherwise helped keep us afloat while we prepared it.
26th-Jul-2014 09:09 am - Old-School SciFi Appreciation post!
I've been getting really into some retro-future scifi shows and have been meaning to make a post. Normally I'd write such a post here and then link to it from FB, but the subject came up there, so it ended up in the comments attached to this post.

You don't need a FB account to read it, and feel free to reply here.

Short version = mini-reviews (in the comments) of three of the shows of Gerry and Syvia Anderson: UFO, Captain Scarlet, and New Captain Scarlet, with video links.
16th-Jul-2014 10:30 am - Shakespeare(ish) in London!
We had our first "open rehearsal" for The Complete Works of Shakespeare, Abridged last night. Since this was our first and therefore (hopefully) roughest run, we invited some folks who we know know the show and/or Shakespeare really well to solicit comments and ideas for how to make it better. Everyone who came was amazingly helpful, supportive, and had great, constructive comments.

...but all this reminds me: I never made a big thing about exactly *why* we're practicing and re-working the show. Well, put it this way: I've always wanted to perform Shakespeare in London. And failing that, I'm ok with making fun of Shakespeare in London instead.
Final dress tonight for PMRP's live Summer Radio Mystery Theater event!
Lady Molly of the Yard! Poirot! Holmes! Plus, M and I get to be all British an' wot! :D
2nd-Jul-2014 10:02 am - Re Hobby Lobby et al...
I'm sure people have brought it up elsewhere, and that there's probably a makes-sense-in-that-fiddly-legal-way explanation, but I'm surprised I haven't been more people making this point:

(with the caveat that numbers in the following examples are completely made up, and only important inasmuch as one is bigger than the other)

Employer pays for a health care plan with which an employee acquires birth control for $10: Violation of religious liberties! You can't force an employer to pay for that!

Employer pays for a salary with which an employee acquires birth control for $100: Sure, whatever.

A while back I mentioned going to a Carmina Burana sing-along, which was great. I lovelovelove that music, and not just the famous bits. The whole thing is monks writing about booze and sex in latin and archaic German. What's not to like?

Anyway, the really remarkable thing to me about the singalong is how much I remembered from when I performed it in college. Despite the fact that I hadn't seen, heck, had barely listened to the piece in something like 15 years, I didn't just remember melodies, but dynamics, places where we'd been told to be sure to enunciate this, or to almost whisper that. All these little details just came flooding back.

This led me to dig up an old digitization of an even older cassette recording of that choir performance from college, and you know what? It's pretty damned good, if I do say so myself. As part of my day of knocking through things that have been on my TODO list for way too long, I spent time this evening removing some (sadly not all) of the tape hiss, and... yeah. I'm kinda amazed and proud that this is a thing I was part of once.

And if you've never heard Carmina Burana before, or even (especially!) if you've only heard the famous bits, do yourself a favor and give a listen to the whole thing.
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